We implement our suggested strategies and build long term relationships with our clients

Our History


Our philosophy is extremely clear, we implement our suggested strategies and build long term relationships with our clients. Rovetex has focused from its start on assisting the textile and apparel industries in optimizing profits through improvement in industry specific activities. Rovetex is proud of its team of top caliber senior consultants each with many years of line management and consulting experience in the specific business areas. Rovetex has expanded continuously and has recently established, with local associates, a very strong position in the Turkish and Italian markets.


In 1987 Rovetex started up Datatex, partnering with Datasys, a leading software producer in Italy with the objective of serving the textile and apparel industries also with world class software and management solutions.
Since then Datatex has become the leader in supply of ERP software solutions for the textile and apparel industries, with over 400 customers amongst them the world's leaders in 42 countries. Datatex offers a total integrated solution for all industries producing from fibers to Garment covering all information system needs from sales management to purchasing, through stock management, production planning, costing, scheduling, business intelligence fabric cutting optimization and quality management www.datatex.com With the help of Datatex, Rovetex is able to offer the industry an integrated information technology solution.


Rovetex main activities are:

  • Organization and performance improvement of existing operations.
  • Optimization and streamlining of logistic procedures.
  • Implementing and improving product costing and budgeting methodologies.
  • Feasibility studies for new enterprises and ventures in the textile and apparel business areas.
  • Project management and start up of new facilities and organizations.
  • Preparation of companies for ISO 9000 certification.
  • Designing marketing strategies.
  • Assistance in finding and executing global joint venture strategies.
  • Creating product sourcing networks.

Alexander Sacha Hagin founded and started up Rovetex (division of Softex Ltd.) in 1978.


Our Activity


A team of Consultant engineers provides both Long-Term and Short-Term Strategic and Tactical plans based on identified strengths and weaknesses in the Production, Marketing and Financial areas and includes recommended correction or improvement techniques where applicable.

A senior Consultant identifies the strengths and weaknesses of the operating departments in terms of their organization, machines and methods, management control systems, labour and machinery productivities, maintenance methods, training methods, costing and cost control methods, production planning systems, inventory control systems etc. Corrective action is outlined where necessary, and potential savings in costs are quantified.

Once problem areas have been identified (as a result of either a detailed discussion, or a Preliminary Survey, or a full-scale Corporate or Operations Audit), a Rovetex engineer, supported as necessary by a senior Consultant, plans and implements the required corrective action so as to achieve the targeted cost-reductions, or quality improvements, or systems improvements.

When investment in a completely new factory or in an extension to an existing factory is contemplated, or when an investment in new machines to replace old ones is under consideration, Rovetex provides a full feasibility study based on expected product mixes, sales prices, input costs etc. The study includes machine specifications and layout plans and building and services requirements. Rovetex also controls the subsequent erection and start-up phases. The full use of Rovetex's unique skills can result in a considerable reduction in total investment for such projects.

In certain cases it may be necessary for our Marketing Section to carry out field investigations on behalf of either a new or an existing product. Usually we find that such projects must be coupled with analysis of present or modified production methods at the plant itself, and therefore these twin tasks are developed concurrently.

Management Training may be provided for the Client in one of two ways.
Rovetex can either design and implement an In-Company Training Course at any desired Management level, or informal Management Training may be carried out as part of any normal consultancy project.

Our unique textile skills and experiences around the world enable us to assist a Company in Senior Staff Selection. Rovetex will normally carry out the initial advertisement and screening, before presenting a short list to the Company, after which advice will be given as regards final selection, if required.

In the Publication folder of this site you can find more details on how Rovetex deploys the Consultancy Programmes mentioned above.

A Rovetex consulting project may involve any combination of the following topics:

  • Development of new projects
  • Performance Development in Manufacturing
  • Development of Quality Control Systems
  • Improvements in Management of Human Resources
  • Improvements in Management Controls

Our Mission


Assisted by our Management, Rovetex partecipate fully in the execution and implementation of the agreed consultancy task. Since our staff consists of professionals, all with practical experience, we have been able to develop a dedicated approach which is exclusively geared to meeting the exact needs of the client.

We take a completely objective view and bring an impartial and widely skilled knowledge to the solution of any problem. We Recognize also, that any company's problem is usually unique, and do not therefore offer pre-packaged solutions-our theme is to provide practical help from the shoop floor throught to the Board Room.


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